Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour. Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour of clues pointing to the undeniable conclusion that Paul is Dead.

The Cover Clues
Paul is the Walrus. Again, he is the only one in black. We know Paul is the Walrus from the song Glass Onion, see WHITE ALBUM


This booklet came with the original album, and is not included in subsequent reprints nor is it in the CD.

Throughout the booklet Paul is shown without shoes on. Generally people are buried without shoes on.
Page 1 Paul's magicians hat is pulled down over his face. Hiding his face because it is not really him.
Page 3 Paul sits under crossed flags. Crossed flags are placed over the casket in British Military funerals.
Page 3 A sign sits on the desk in front of Paul that reads "I WAS YOU." In this photo Paul has the scar on his lip.
Page 4 Paul's hat is crushed, indicating that he suffered head injuries in the car crash.
Page 9 A cartoon of Paul shows a crack in Paul's head, again a reference to the head injuries.
Page 13 Ringo's drum reads "LOVE THE 3 BEATLES."
Page 23 Paul is the only Beatle wearing a Black carnation.
Page 24 An open Palm is photographed above Paul's head.

Page 2 Paul's magicians hat is pulled down over his face. Hiding his face because it is not really him.
Page 2 Paul's magicians hat is the only one with black flowers on it.
Page 2 "AWAY IN THE SKY, beyond the clouds, live 4 or 5 Magicans." There were only four Beatles, unless you count William.
Page 4 & 5 Ringo's drum reads "LOVE THE 3 BEATLES."

If you turn it sideways the people in white spell out "RIP."

************Lyric Alert***********

I Am the Walrus

stupid bloody Tuesday

editor's note: The day of Paul's death. The next day, Wednesday morning,
a news paper, which had reported the automobile accident that killed Paul,
was recalled. See Lady Madonna and She's Leaving Home for
references to the Wednesday morning after the death.

I am the walrus

editor's note: According to the PID Myth, the walrus is a sign of death
in some cultures. See Glass Onion for the follow-up of this clue.


Hello Goodbye

I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

editor's note: Because William Campbell is joining the Beatles, while
Paul is assuming room temperature somewhere in his yellow submarine.

You say stop, and I say go, go, go

editor's note: Paul continued to go, even though the light was telling him to stop.
Thanks to David Gustafson for pointing out the oversight on my part by leaving this clue out before.


Strawberry Fields Forever

Is John saying "I buried Paul" at the end of the song?


All You Need is Love

Traditional PID mythology says that John announces "Yes, he's dead...We
love you, yeah, yeah, yeah. We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah." You be the


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